Monday, November 30, 2015

Birthday card for Mom

Card I made for my Mom. She LOVES ice cream cones and her favorite stop is DQ! So I found the pattern in the Silhouette store, made her card and stuck a DQ gift card in side. She was super excited to go try it out. HA HA I took her to Olive Garden for lunch then DQ for dessert.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

New Baby in the house..Whoot Whoot!!!!

Went to JoAnns last night and I couldn't resist....
They had the Cricut Explore One for $149.
I can't tell you how this has really lifted my Crafting Spirits!!!
Even though my craft room is a disaster zone (rearranging/organizing) I was really in a crafters slump before that and I guess I was just bored with the old cricut having to go through all the handbooks etc and so the silhouette came in and that was fun but I really missed the cricut......So now with the explore one and design space I'm really excited to get my craftroom set up and start playing again.
 I always go shopping on black Friday at Michaels and Hobby Lobby but theres really nothing I need and I really want to get my craft room done so I can start playing with my new I think I'll stay home and get my craftroom ready.HA HA HA

Oh, thats a sneak peek of my craft desk I've set up in my room. LOVE IT!!!!!!
its funny how the rest of the room is a disaster but at least I have my craft desk set up...HA HA HA

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Birthday cards

Birthday cards I made for my son and Well,  make another just like the other for a friend.
Remember my craftroom is a mess - I've moved my Moms sewing /quilting stuff out and now I'm trying to set up my whole craftroom!!!!! It's a disaster zone, I really can't craft.
I found the TV in the silhouette store and added my own TV screen designs. I love the TV but I should of added something else to the front of the card its blah....but it was a last minute idea and with my craftroom such a mess I'm not into crafting. 

Thanksgiving cards

Here's my Thanksgiving cards I made. Everything came from the silhouette store. I glittered the front.
Yeah, its pretty sparkly, but there is more glitter in my craftroom and through out the house than there is on the cards!!! HA HA HA!!!! its not funny.....

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Moving AGAIN!!!!!

AAAAKKK!!!! I can't stand the tiny space(area) my crafts are in. Its NOT going to work. So through a lot of thought......."If Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy" and I am not a happy crafter!!!!! I do my best to please everyone in my household...but time is up!!! We are ALL grown adults and THIS IS MY HOUSE!! it's time to PLEASE ME!!!! My youngest son has the biggest room in the house and instead of moving back into the small bedroom I once had as a craftroom and was still kind of cramped. I head of this household have decided I WILL be taking the BIGGEST room in the house as my craftroom!!!!! NO if's, and's or buts!!!! you don't like it? Well your a grown adult move out! I'll break the news at supper tonight. ha ha ha
The holidays are upon us...I just have to figure out when to get this done. It will be done within the next few weeks otherwise I might chicken out....ha ha NOT!!! this is MY HOUSE!! I have to keep telling myself that, it gives me courage.....stay tuned


Its Thursday morning and I think I've calmed down....I broke the news at supper time yesterday.....
WOW!! I did not see that coming. My Mom(who lives with me) through a fit!!! The boys didn't say anything. I love my Mom with all respect but BOY! did we get into an argument. Long argument short-I will move my Moms sewing stuff into my old craft room and I can have her sewing room (which is a BIG room).
I'm happy that I get this whole room but I feel bad about how it came about.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Remember these?

LOL!!! I'm still in the process of decluttering my craft stuff. I AM NOT A HOARDER!!!!!
OK, I was! but now I'm not!!!! I'm emptying my craft boxes and I have a lot of 3 ring binders stuffed with stuff. I didn't think I was a hoarder but WOW!!! I couldn't believe the stuff  I was holding on to...out of sight out of mind. My old craft room had a closet full of crafts but my new area doesn't have a closet and I don't have room to put 3/4 of the stuff. So its weeding out time. Look what I found!!!! HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!
I have a Cricut and 50+ cartridges and I have a Silhouette with tons of designs. Why?  am I still holding on to these(cause I forgot I had them)?????? I've had them since 1998. I AM NOT A HOARDER!!!!  Out they go.......They brought back a lot of  fond memories though...sniff sniff....

Wonder what the price would be today?? HA HA

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Packing up and moving

There's been some changes on the home front and my craftroom had to be turned back into a bedroom.
Holey Smoleys!!!! Oh where oh where, will I SQUEEZE my crafts.....when you've had a whole room for several years...WOWZA! your crafts really... really... multiply and spread out...................
My Mom has agreed to give up a 1/4 of her "Quilt Room". Smile, on my face!!!! there will be a lot of weeding out and DECLUTTERING!!!! . My crafts are all packed and for the last two days I've been trying to figure out where and how to put the furniture. Between my Moms sewing stuff ( she's a Quilter) and my almost seemed impossible. It's night time now and I think I finally have it laid out. I thought I could get this done in 3 days but I've wasted 2 days just moving furniture around.Tomorrows my last day before I have to go back to work. Theres no way I can get all her sewing and my crafting supplies in their proper places. We're going to have to live with this disastrous mess for another week. IT'S A MESS!!!!! theres sewing and craft stuff through out the whole house. Did I mention that Halloween is just around the corner and then its Thanksgiving and Christmas..........I want to just CRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!