Thursday, October 23, 2014

Halloween cards

Here's my Halloween cards. Everything can be found in the silhouette store. When I saw this Halloween saying LOL I had the perfect card in mind.....ha ha ha...ha ha ha

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HA HA HA!!!!!! isn't it FUNNY?!!!!!
I love the colors I used....My family/friends are going to LOVE IT!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Birthday card

Card I made for my nephew.
I goggled Ninja Turtles and I liked this one. I sized it down to about 3.25" and "cropped" it into about a 3" square. I cut out the letters and ran them through my xyron, then the inside is a print and cut.

I still have to finish my Witch's boots and make a couple of more Birthday cards...Oh! and make my Halloween cards.....aaaaaggghhhh......time is flying by......I HAVE TO GET CRAFTING! geez.....

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Anniversary card

What a BLAST!!!!! I sort of lost my crafting MOJO but I'm finally getting back into the creative mode.
I made this A2 card for my nieces anniversary. I used the cricut Car Decals for the couple (man @ 1.87"h and lady @ 1.82"h) and 4mm goggley eyes. I used the emboss folder Heart Blocks with a circular diffuser (That was FUN, first time I used them). The word - Happy Couple - is from A Childs Year at 1"h. The inside was done on the silhouette.

I know I know what about my craft room??? its coming.........soon..........LOL!!! just bare with me....PLEASE!!!
When you rearrange a craft room you like how it LOOKS!!!  but........will it work??? I'm having to tweak a few things now that I'm crafting.

Friday, October 3, 2014

We interrupt this rearranging.....

Sorry for the delay but I got side tracked. My old laptop computer had to go and I got a NEW desktop with a 24" screen.....The better to see with...HA HA HA

Such a relief on the ol' eyes!!!
OK, I'll finish rearranging my craft room next week. Stay Tuned....

Thursday, September 25, 2014

PLEASE STAND BY.............!!

Here we go AGAIN!!!! I'm a seasonal re-arranger. HA HA HA 
My Craftroom is under construction...I'm moving stuff around and so far so GOOD!! I'm liking how its coming together. Hopefully I'll be done next week and will post pics. Please bare with me....HA HA.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Birthday card

Card for my nephew. Thought it came out kinda CUTE!!!
The card is 9"h x 7.75"w (fold in half 9"h x 3.88"w) it fits a legal envelope.
I used the cricut Create a Critter cart and when glueing all the layers I was not paying attention and put glue all over the light green layer...the glue was exposed....AAKKK!!!! Whats a crafter to do????
When in doubt FLOCK IT!!!! HA HA HA....I added light green flock...LOVE IT!!! I embossed the top layer with cuttlebug Tiny Mosaics. For the words and sentiments I used the silhouette and I added my own diy star buttons. The reason I made this size card is because I'll be putting cash inside and I won't have to fold it. Now everything will stay flat and no bulk. EASY MAILING!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Witch's Boot

I'm still here....I've been very busy crafting! I'm starting early for Halloween..YEPPIE!! I'm going to make 50 witchs boots and take them into work on Halloween. So I'm starting early for a change. I've gotten 28 already made....I make about 4 a week so you do the math...ha ha ha
Isn't it PRETTY!!!! its hard to get a good picture of a black boot. The boot and sentiment can be found in the Silhouette store.
I followed this tutorial -

I did what Kathy did (3rd comment down) I glued the tabs to the outside. Then embossed the extra layer, I also embossed the sole with dots(better traction...ha ha ha) I have 10 different (halloween) colors of twine too, just to mix it up a little. After tieing the bow I added a little glossy accents on the knot so it wouldn't come untied.
I little bag of  M&M's will fit nicely inside....

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